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For Senior Managers

When you upload your data onto the CWT-Db are you confident that:

  • You have captured your clock stops accurately?
  • You have captured your clock pauses accurately?
  • The data you are reporting is 100% correct?
  • Your staff are absolutely confident in their interpretation of the Cancer Waiting Times guidance?
  • Your patients are being treated within their legal entitlement?

Can your Service Managers comfortably and accurately plan demand and capacity from your current PTL’s?

If your PTL’s contain unvalidated patient pathways you are more than likely reporting incorrectly.

True patients can be hidden amongst hundreds, sometimes thousands of open pathways – this means that true patients usually wait far longer than necessary – causing you to fail the Cancer standards.

What will this course teach your staff?

  • An understanding of the Cancer Waiting Times guidance
  • Cancer Standards explained
  • Cancer Waiting Time rules – how and when to apply them
  • How to deal with patients who are going on holiday
  • How to validate a Patient Tracking List
  • What to look out for and when to escalate issues
  • How to deal with patients who do not turn up for their appointments
  • Which patients are not covered by the Cancer Standards
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