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Our goal is to become the provider of choice to all organisations who are accountable for Cancer Waiting Times, hold organisations to account for the delivery of Cancer Waiting Times and/or teach the guidelines to their staff/students.

18WeekeLearning is a part of the Insource Ltd Group Companies. The powerful combination of the 18WeekeLearning training and consultancy services and Insource state-of-the-art technologies delivers a full 360 degree solution combining innovative elective access technology with on-line education and people based consultancy services to deliver truly ground-breaking long term sustainable patient access and RTT transformational support.


Company Objectives:

Our objectives are to aid our clients to become the provider of choice to their local demographic, provide an exceptional customer experience, exceed national targets, avoid criminal investigations and financial penalties and encourage our client base to continue to use our services.


We don’t just sell you some training and disappear, we pride ourselves on working in partnership with our Clients, helping to implement the training, providing ongoing support for the life of the memberships and answering any queries that are raised. We realise that this is a big step for most organisations and using our years of experience we help to make the whole process seamless and efficient.


Business Philosophy:

It is important to us that our Clients trust our knowledge and delivery to ensure that their staff receive the level of training required in order to provide high-quality care that is safe, effective and focused on patient experience.

Other training resources:

We also provide training to impart the knowledge of 18 Week Referral to Treatment to every person who touches a patient pathway. The training is both an online resource and classroom based with modules to suit job roles.


Face to face classroom sessions

Not everyone learns in the same way, we have taken this into account and developed our training to suit all learners:


  • Kinaesthetic – Case studies, scenarios and end of module questionnaires to check understanding.


  • Auditory – Specially formulated classroom training sessions which bring the subject alive and personal for each delegate.


  • Visual – Comprehensive web based eLearning with reportable assessments to check understanding.



Bespoke training packages:

We have been commissioned to create tailored 18 Week RTT training websites for several organisations, using our training as a base but then incorporating:

  • The Trust’s Patient Access Policy/local rules.


  • Non-standard RTT Status Codes.


  • Specific information relating to Clinic Outcome Forms.


  • Lower pass rates than the generic version of the training.


The finished product is a bespoke training website which would only be accessible to your staff.

We would welcome the opportunity to arrange a meeting to discuss further and explore your needs in more detail.
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Also from the Cancer eLearning team 18weekeLearning 18 Week eLearning® cuts through jargon and provides solutions to understand and comply with 18 Week Referral to Treatment rules to deliver patients their legal rights as written in the National Health Service Constitution. Find our more